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Lab Services

There are many factors that combine to refine the lab experience for each and every Dental Practice. As Sydney Oral Design has enjoyed a long and successful existence servicing hundreds of Dentists across Australia, it is not unreasonable to consider that much of what the lab delivers, be it tangible or intangible, has stood the test of time and serves to strengthen client relationships.

Free pickup and delivery

Free Pick-up and Delivery

Sydney Oral Design has always provided free pick-up and delivery of jobs to all clients. Simply call us on (02) 9891 4099 and one of our own courier staff will call at your surgery to pick-up your case or we will arrange a contract courier to visit you and transport your job to the lab. The completed case will always be returned to you within the agreed timeframe and at no extra cost.

Computerised Case Tracking

Computerised Case Tracking System

The highly experienced team that is responsible for programing the flow of work through the laboratory has developed a clear and accurate system to track the progress of all cases. Because of this system we never lose work and we become aware of any problems with the completion of each job long before it is required to leave the lab. The result is that we do not run late with work and if we detect a potential problem with meeting a deadline our client is made aware well before their patient’s appointment.

Infection Control

Infection Control

Research tells us what a serious matter this is for all in the field of dentistry. In this time of COVID-19, highly effective hygiene control procedures are vital to ensure the health and safety of every dentist, their staff and patients. Sydney Oral Design has been a keen proponent of progressive infection control for many years, vigorously applying one of the most thorough disinfection regimes in the industry.

We treat every case entering our ‘Steralisation Bay’ as a potential source of infection. A staff member wearing gloves and mask sprays each case with a neutral detergent to ensure thorough disinfection. Each case is then programmed into our laboratory management system before entering the laboratory environment. The completed case is returned for dispatch and then treated for a third time before being sealed in a bag and returned to our client in a clearly labeled container.

Technical Advisory

Each technician at Sydney Oral Design is a highly qualified specialist in their area of expertise, be it acrylic, chrome castings, crown and bridge or implants. Between the team there is a combined experience of well over 150 years encountering and providing solutions to the countless problems and issues inherent in the field of dentistry. This is a group of technicians that has earned a reputation for being highly collaborative and creative, helping clients achieve the optimum result no matter how difficult the case. It is not a coincidence that most clients are long term, some from our first years of operation.

Shade Taking

Shade Taking

Sydney Oral Design has a number of qualified Prosthetists on staff and the facilities (correct lighting, dental surgery and chair) to facilitate accurate shade taking for clients, a service that is provided free on request.

Digital Ready

Experienced and accomplished Dental Laboratory with a long history of providing services to small, large and specialist dental practices, private health insurers and public hospitals.

Always at the forefront of developments in the dental sector and progressive in the use of technology.

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