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Sydney Oral Design is a long established and market leading 'full function' dental laboratory. We utilize the most advanced technology available to produce a wide range of superior dental products, the most recent example being the new NobelProcera Optical Scanning Technology. We are one of the foremost Australian manufacturers of titanium based prosthetics and are expert in the use of our own laser welder.  We also employ a strict infection control regime that sets standards for the industry.

Since starting business in 1988 we have developed a significant Dental Prosthetist practice and treat patients directly for dentures and mouthguards. To learn more about this aspect of our business, click on the 'products' button at the top of the page. We then go on to described many of the products and services we provide to our clients in language that can be easily understood by people unfamiliar with dental terminology. This information will be especially relevant to the patients of our clients as it describes our involvement in your dental treatment.



Crown and Bridge  -  NobelProcera Optical Scanning System -  Procera Forte and Authentic Ceramic Systems  - Implantology  -  Titanium Casting  -  Chrome Casting  -  Laser Welding  -  General Prosthetics  -  Maxillo-Facial Prosthetics  -  Orthodontia  -  Individually Styled Laminated Mouthguards




SYDNEY ORAL DESIGN ABN: 91 003 806 326

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